Birch Cliff Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 612 G.R.C.



Birch Cliff Lodge Image Gallery



2008 OfficersM.W.Bro. Alan J. PetrisorSki Lift to Owl's Head (Golden Rule Lodge) Outdoor Degree



2009 Table LodgeReception for V.W.Bro Eugene De BeaupreR.W.Bro. Nelson King, V.W.Bro. David Dainard and R.W.Bro. Tom Norris and Birch Cliff Brethren



2010 Officers and Installing BoardW.Bro. Romy Thomas and his WifeInstalling Master, DDGM, and a couple past M.W.'s



2011 Officers and Installing Board2011 - Family Picnic2011 - Family Picnic2011 - Family Picnic2011 - Family Picnic2011 - Family Picnic



Reception for V.W.Bro Peter J. Sialtsis2012 Officers and Installing Board2012 Officers



Kyle Day InitiationJohn Sotiropoulis Initiation2013 Official Visit

Bro. Steve Stinson - February 22, 2013Bro. Moussa Traore - March 8th, 2013Bro. Kyle Day and Bro. Matthew Kotchie - 2nd DegreeBro. Capt. Raphael MacKenzie InitiationBro. Moussa Traore - May 10th, 20132nd Degree - Bro. Capt. Raphael MacKenzie - June 14th, 2013

3rd Degree - Bro. Kyle Day - June 28th, 20131st Degree Bro. Lloyd Gideon Jessup - September 13th, 20131st Degree Bros. Nader Halibi and Kenneth McBride - September 27th, 2013

October 25th, 2013 - Bro. Steve Stinson 3rd DegreeBros. Steve Stinson (Proving), Moussa Traore, Raphael MacKenzie, Martin Kotchi and Matthew Kotchie - 3rd DegreeBro. Kyle Day, JD - Master Masons Certificate Presentation

Installation - December 2013



Bro. Aneki Nissan InitiationBro. Mickey Godrej InitiationBro. Chris Cabral (FC)Bro. Aneki Nissan (Official Visit)Bro. Matthew Davey (Initiation)Bro. James Scott (Initiation)

Bro. Matthew Davey (FC - May 9th, 2014)Bro. James Cooper (Initiation - May 23rd, 2014)Bro. Matthew Davey Proving & Reception of R.W.Bro. Peter J. Sialtsis, DDGM Toronto East District & V.W.Bro. James O. Pickett - Grand Assistant ChaplainReception for R.W.Bro. Peter J. Sialtsis, September 26th, 2014Installation December 12, 2014



Bro. James Cooper - 3rd Degree